Mark Oldmixon
Interim National Vice Commandant - Marines

Mark Oldmixon was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, the third of seven brothers. Mark’s family lived in numerous cities across south Texas while his father worked for Southwestern Bell, finally settling in Richmond/Rosenberg, Texas where his parents lived until their passing.


Mark followed in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps in defending America. Mark’s father served aboard the USS Manila Bay CVE-61 in the Pacific theater, and Marks grandfather served with a quartermaster company in the European theater.


 Mark enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1973 going to Parris Island, SC. He went to 39 Palms, Ca. for his MOS school. His MOS was 6752/5918 Redeye missile gunner and Pulse Acquisition Radar operator (PAR) in a Hawk missile battery. with 3rd. LAAM Bn.  MCAS Cherry Point, NC. Mark was involved with the development of the Stinger missile system. Mark’s son has followed in his footsteps in becoming a Marine and is currently serving with the Houston Fire Department.


Mark was discharged in 1977 and returned to Rosenberg, Texas where he began a forty-year career in the fire service with the Rosenberg and Sugar Land fire departments and with the University of Houston Fire Marshals office, retiring in 2020. During Mark’s fire service he earned numerous certifications and licenses; Advanced Fire Fighter, Master Fire Investigator, Master Fire Inspector, Advanced Aircraft Fire Rescue, Fire Instructor I, and numerous certifications from the National Fire Academy. He also is certified in Incident Command System (ICS) through FEMA. Master Peace Officer with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). Mark was an EMT for much of his career.


Mark is a charter member with Sgt. J.R. Tijerina detachment 1295 in Katy, Texas. Mark has held the positions in detachment from Commandant, Senior Vice Commandant, Junior Vice Commandant and Judge Advocate. Mark is in his third year as the Judge Advocate for the Department of Texas. He is a Pedigree Devil Dog and is the Worthy Senior Vice with the Crossroad Dog Pound 177 of the Military Order of the Devil Dogs.


Mark has been married to Katherine Henderson for thirty-five years. Mark has three daughters, one son, and a granddaughter.