Sal Cenicacelaya (Sin-knee-cassa-lie-a)
Aide De Camp - Oklahoma - Marines

Sal Cenicacelaya (Sin-knee-cassa-lie-a) has held multiple billets within the Marine Corps League and Military Order of the Devil Dogs since 2013 when he joined the league.  

In 2013, Sal joined the Jeffrey S. Patterson #747 in Sussex, NJ where he quickly got involved and was elected to the position of Judge Advocate.  After serving two terms as Judge Advocate, Sal was elected to the Jr Vice Commandant and then Sr Vice Commandant for two terms prior to being elected as Commandant.  He also served in the billet of District 9 Vice Commandant for the Department of New Jersey.  In 2019, he held the MODD billets of Jr. Vice Pound Keeper, Worthy Smart Dog NJ Pack, Honorable Deputy Dog Trainer and Honorable Assistant Northeast Division Vice Chief Devil Dog.  These billets are mentioned only to validate his time and experience in the state of New Jersey.

He was born in Newark, New Jersey and raised in Rockaway, NJ.  Upon graduation from Morris Hills Regional High school, he immediately enlisted as an 0311 and went to Parris Island (2nd Bn, Echo Co) graduating in October 1983. He served in the Marines from 1983-1989 and has been to Camp LeJeune, NC, Twenty-nine Palms, CA and Panama.  

After the Corps, he owned and operated a Basque restaurant in Dover, NJ for 25 years while also raising a family.  He is the father of five children and grandfather to nine children, two of which are presently serving in the US Army.

In 2022 he relocated and now resides (permanently) in Norman, OK with his fiancé Angela Maness.  He is a Life member of Sooner Detachment #559 in Oklahoma City (OKC), OK where he is presently the Senior Vice Commandant, Web Sergeant and Newsletter editor.  He is currently a member of the Detachment’s Honor Guard detail. He also serves as Sir Barking Dog for Feral Dogs Pound 397 Cypress, Texas along with the Worthy Mad Dog for the Texas Pack of the Military Order of the Devil Dogs.  

On the League side, he recently accepted the appointment of Chief of Staff to the 65th National Commandant Warren Griffin.   He also served at the pleasure of our 64th National Commandant Johnny Baker in the capacity of his National Assistant Sergeant at Arms appointed to the billet in January 2022.  He presently serves on the National POW/MIA committee.