Steve Green
Paymaster - Marines

Stephen Green:

I joined the Navy in 1966, and after basic training in San Diego, CA I attended Corpsman School also in San Diego, CA.  Upon graduation from school, I was assigned to the Naval Hospital in Long Beach, CA.  In 1967, I completed my tour of duty in Long Beach and advanced to Fleet Marine School in Camp Pendleton, CA.   

Once I completed the FMS, I was assigned to San Onofre just outside San Clemente, CA for duty.  I was scheduled to ship out to Vietnam in 1969, but I was stung by yellow jackets and found out I was highly allergic.  After that, I spent several days in the hospital.  I was in a medically induced coma to keep me quiet and help the swelling go down after which the Navy discharged me in spring of 1970. 

After my discharge I started college, however during my sophomore year I got engaged and was married in the summer of 1971.  I worked in the HVAC industry for 10 years. I was contacted by Arkansas Power and Light to work in a power plant as an instrumentation technician and from there I was transferred to the Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering Department.  

In 1989 I was transferred to the Arkansas Nuclear One Engineering Department and worked for the next seven years.  However, in 1996 I left the industry for health reasons after two major back surgeries.  

I started a contracting business, after a little over a year I was contacted by Alltel Communications to come work full time for them. After much discussion with my wife, we decided to accept their offer.  We had a daughter starting college and one two years out. They had real benefits and insurance needed for kids in college. I worked in several different capacities in the telecommunications industry. I retired in 2013, my wife wasted no time in getting us started in the travel world. We started traveling to various countries via airline. We also enjoyed cruising around the world on cruise ships. 

I got my private pilot license in 1976, my commercial in 1978 and my flight instructor the same year.  I started flying for the Civil Air Patrol in mid 1980 doing Search and Rescue. I was asked a year later to fly missions for the DEA and Customs. I served as Arkansas’s Wing Flight Standards officer for a few years before I retired in 2013.  


I was asked by a good friend why I was not in the Marine Corps League and having no good reason I joined Lake Dardanelle Detachment #1310.  The following year next year with new officers being installed I was asked to be Detachment Paymaster and I accepted. 

Two years later, I was asked to take over as the Department of Arkansas’s Paymaster and I gladly accepted.  I’ve held that position for three years.  I worked as a beta site with MCL National Headquarters on the new department paymaster system.  My hobbies include teaching gun safety, travel, flying, working with kids, ham radio and scuba diving. I am active in my church working with young people, security and the community pantry.   My wife and I have three kids and five grandkids.  My wife went to heaven in 2020.