Karla Hamman
Adjutant - Marines

Karla S. Hamman 

Karla was born and raised in Bethany Oklahoma.  She started in the Floral industry in 1983, opening her first flower shop in 1985. She studied floral design and earned a certification as an Oklahoma Master Florist shortly thereafter.  Karla has owned and operated two flower shops in the local metro Oklahoma City area, and competed, and was awarded the Designer of the Year for the state of Oklahoma in 2007. Karla currently works at a local wholesale florist in Oklahoma City and currently owns an independent floral design company, called KSR DESIGNS.  


Karla married her Marine, Billy Hamman, in 2013, and hence began her journey into all things Marine Corps League in 2022.  As an Associate member of Sooner Detachment #559, she has served in the appointed billet of Paymaster since January 1, 2023.  Karla serves on the Marine Corps League National POW/MIA committee that provides a memorized recital of the POW/MIA speech at official ceremonies and gatherings.  

In 2022, Karla was nominated by unanimous vote to represent the Detachment as Sooner Detachment #559 Associate Member of the Year.  Karla has also served as a member of the 2023 OKC 100th Anniversary Convention Committee and because of her professional florist skills, she was personally responsible for the creation of (six) VIP gift baskets provided to our Marine Corps League National Leadership and Executive Officers upon their arrival to Oklahoma City in August 2023.  

Karla currently resides in Bethany, Oklahoma with her husband Billy. She has one son and one grandson.